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Leather finishing:

1: BI 4015 high gloss soft casein
Modified soft casein of dispersion, has the very high gloss, for a variety of high-grade leather base coat and top coat, the formation of thin, soft, thin film with good bonding property. As a whole, casein finishing bottom coating and aqueous protein bright main agent top coating can also be used as a resin bottom coating additives to improve the coating brightness. Has very good polishing and glazing effect. The hot plate release property is excellent without any sticky.
2: RU 1688 polyurethane high gloss top coat
This is natural high gloss polyurethane emulsion. The shine is very nature. It imparts excellent resistance to abrasion and flexibility performance. The film is clear, transparent, smooth surface, excellent coating performance. As brightener, it is suitable for leather top coating.
3: RC 1907 compact resin
Consist of a variety of water-based resin, wax, synthetic resin casein etc. Applicable to the sofa leather and split of leather finishing, excellent covering power, full of feeling, good bonding, filling properties and cutting performance. As well as milling property. It can be used alone or with other resins with spraying or roller coating.
4: WA 5396 High gloss wax
Special synthetic wax emulsion containing polymer. The film is clear, transparent, high temperature hot plate usually have very high gloss. Anti sticky and good filling effect. Imparts soft feel and natural wax gloss. It is suitable for all kinds of leather with high gloss or wax gloss finishing effect.
5: WA 5045 Burnishing wax
1.Specially designed for vegetable tanned and semi-vegetable tanned leather to impart burnish effect.
2.To enhance the burnish effect for certain chrome-tanned leather.
3.For pull-up leather
4.To get dark and light effect after milling


6: WR 6608 High concentration water-repellent agent
Solvent based water repellent agent. It provides water and oil repellent effect in ambient temperature.  It is very stable in terms of dilution and re-work without heating. It is suitable for those materials that requires water repellent property but cannot be heated. The application include:  Leather type materials (split, suede, synthetic leather, nubuck etc), paper type of materials, stone water repellent, textiles and cloth, outdoor materials, electronic water repellent, shoes etc.
Shoe finishing:
7: DC 35650 medium to high gloss self-shine shoe cream
The very good application property without leaving the brush mark after polishing. The gloss is very natural and being enhanced after polishing. The advantage of this shoe cream is clear, glossy and transparent. There are 2 type of black color available: bluish and pure black.
 8: NS 618B colorless and non-smell color enhancer
The traditional solvent-based color enhancer is with very strong solvent smell. It is not good for worker. The water-based color enhancer is not as good as solvent-based product in terms of lasting, nourishing, hand touch and water repellency as well.
The new developed solvent-based color enhancer overcomes the weakness of the traditional product. It is not only no harm for the worker, but also provide long term color enhancer effect.
9: CR 102 New fungicide without DMF & TCMTB complied to European requirements
DMF and TCMTB are forbidden from European requirements. The new developed product not only stops the fungus growing, but also helps the export company to get trouble from customs.






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