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【Shoe Finish Chemical】
Shoe finishing as a final step of shoe process is already quite mature in western countries. The western footwear experts have described shoe finishing like girls beauty makeup.

Leather after shoe-making processes, a number of natural defect exposed such as rough grain, color difference, color uneven etc. And also during the process, the oil pollution, shoe adhesive all influence the forming appearance.

Shoe finishing is to form a thin layer of bright, clear, reasonable gorgeous in the upper by using the shoe finish chemical and eliminate the natural defects of leather grain. As a result, the shoes become more natural, soft, uniform and elegant. In addition, different effects can be obtained by using the shoe finishing chemical and finishing technology, such as two tone effect, antique effect and crystal mirror effect. Along with the updating of consumer aesthetic ideas and fierce market competition, shoe finishing has become an indispensable part of shoe making.

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